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SMS Gateway for SMS Marketing

SMS Gateway for SMS Marketing

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SMS Gateway allows you to integrate the mass SMS sending into your software and send SMS when necessary. SMS Gateway allows you to send and receive text messages without using a mobile phone. During the delivery, such SMS messages are converted into…

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  • +38 (044) 58-59-7XX
Address: Kyiv and Kyiv region, Донецьк, вул. Ілліча 21/603


Sending SMS to Ukraine

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The company "Best Club of Ukraine" offers you to use SMS and MMS messages to advertise goods and services of your company. We provide a full range of services in the SMS-marketing, high-tech 21st century advertising.Bulk SMS sending, according to statistics…

Type: want to sell Seller: Ulya Golyaeva — the development of your business on the Internet

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