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Without gilding gold. Deposition of titanium nitride. Production of domes, crosses, bowls

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Without gilding gold. Deposition of titanium nitride. Production of domes, crosses, bowls

Zlatovest - without gilding gold.

Company site:

Company "Zlatovest", Ltd. - the market leader in the manufacture of domes coated titanium nitride "gold-plated", making crosses, as well as steel letters, iconostasis, reliquaries, bells, ripidy, sculpture, vane, church utensils, hollow metal balls coated with nitride gold-plated titanium, chandeliers.

The company's services Zlatovest:

  1. Decorative coating of titanium nitride
  2. Manufacturing and Shipping balls of stainless steel and copper
  3. Roofing services of any complexity
  4. Production and delivery:
  5. Domes. The golden dome of the temple - this is the material embodiment of converting people to God. The Orthodox Church in Ukraine is experiencing its heyday: like it or not, we notice all the new gold dome Visually it seems that the material is indeed covered with gold. In the manufacture of the domes of temples is very much appreciated. Examples of work: Domes
  6. Crosses. Zlatovest crosses are manufactured of any complexity, from simple to complex tracery, also make crosses to order. Examples of work: Crosses
  7. Iconography. Zlatovest iconostasis produces custom designs for projects leaves the architect for approval and froze. Examples of work: Ikonostasy
  8. Chandeliers. Zlatovest manufactures chandeliers of any complexity to order. Examples of work: the chandelier
  9. Bells. Zlatovest offers a bell of bronze, cast iron and brass. Examples of work: Bells
  10. Weathervanes: Zlatovest manufactures high quality weathervanes. Examples of work: Weathervanes
  11. Other products using the technology of titanium nitride coating.
  12. Bulat, bulatirovanie

Among Zlatovest you can find out the price and buy consult:

  • iconostasis
  • Sculpture
  • metal balls
  • steel letters
  • illuminated letters on the LED-diodes
  • reliquaries
  • Crosses
  • Bells
  • Dome
  • Church Plate
  • ripidy
  • weathervanes
  • damask, bulatirovanie

Experts Zlatovest one of the first in Ukraine introduced its advanced technology coating of titanium nitride, bulatirovaniya, which is now widely used in the construction of temples and churches for the manufacture of stainless steel or copper.

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