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Translation agency Global Translation provides a wide range of services of professional translation. Specialists of our translation agency offer the following translation services:

Written translation services:

  • Translation of texts of various subject matter (translation of articles, reports, translation of literary works and other texts of different degrees of complexity and size)
  • Translation of documents for business (translation of agreements, contracts, statutes, invoices, reports, translation of business plans and investment projects, other business translations)
  • Translation of technical documentation (technical translations of user’s manuals, technical passports, equipment service instructions, translation of technical specifications and other documentation containing technical terminology)
  • Translation of web sites or separate web pages (translation of information on any subject matter for corporate sites, linguistic support of sites)
  • Translation of documents of individuals (translation of passports, birth certificates, translation of certificates, service records, translation of other personal documents to be submitted to the embassies and other organizations)

Interpretation services:

  • Interpretation services in the language pairs “English – Russian”, “English – Ukrainian”, “French – Russian”, “Spanish – Russian”, “Hungarian – Russian”, “Polish – Russian”, “Russian – Ukrainian” (consecutive interpretation of business meetings, receptions, presentations, interpreter’s services during business visits and negotiations, interpretation of various lectures, interpretation of telephone or other negotiations).

A more detailed list of services of our translation agency can be found in sections “Written translation”, “Interpretation”

Phones: 062-335-16-92, 095-029-82-29


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