heating pellets

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heating pellets

Our company is a Ukrainian producer of heating pellets made of pure oak. The pellets are made of pure oak without any additives. We guarantee the stable technical characteristics of our pellets.

The technical characteristics of the pellets: Moisture sample (as received): 7.53%

Ash content: 0.48 to 0.52%

Sulphur content: 0.01%

Volatiles: 75.67-81.83%

Net calorific value, kcal / kg: 4006-4377

Gross calorific value, kcal / kg: 4680-4711

Diameter: 8 mm and 6 mm;

Length: 5-40 mm;

Terms of delivery: FCA -45100,Rozhyshche,Ukraine;

Packing: big bags in 1 tonne and 15kg bags;

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