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Counsel in disputes with the bank
Counsel in disputes with the bank
  • +38 (067) 235 10 XX
Negotiable price

Counsel in disputes with the bank

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Added: March 11, 2016 9:53 am

Counsel in disputes with the bank

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Negotiable price
Negotiable price
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You overdue payments under the loan agreement? The bank appealed to you with a demand for early repayment of the loan?

A lawyer can help you understand the situation and will provide the following services:

• Suspension of the calculation of the bank obuslovennyh in the contract of interest and penalty.

• The requirement for the termination of the credit agreement in court.

• Reduce the bank through the courts exacted penalty.

• Provision of legal aid in the recovery from the bank illegally written off commission (if there are grounds).

• Consultation of the lawyer to provide installments fulfill your obligations to the bank.

• Challenging the executive inscription notary.

• Appeal against actions of state artist.

• The appeal of the results of trades on sale of property.

Information about the seller:
02098, Ukraine, Kyiv, Київ, Березняківська, 27, office 1
  • +38 (067) 235 10 XX
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Information about the seller
02098, Ukraine, Kyiv, Київ, Березняківська, 27, office 1
  • +38 (067) 235 10 XX

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