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CompanyPriod AIC Bioscanner Wellness for fitness clubs

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CompanyPriod AIC Bioscanner Wellness for fitness clubs

Pulse Oximetry and HSR.

Calculation of heart rate variability (HRV) and determination of blood oxygen saturation. HRV is the gold standard for assessing the state of the autonomic nervous system. In medicine, HRV calculation is used for express diagnosis of the current functional state, early detection of fatigue, for controlling the effectiveness of health and rehabilitation procedures. In sports medicine, the method allows you to evaluate the readiness for another workout and calculate the optimal load.

Bioimpedance meter.
Method of measuring tissue resistance (body composition analyzer). Evaluates the maintenance of fat and muscle tissue, the amount of water in the body. Allows detection of metabolic disorders, the risk of disease, causes of overweight, and calculates the biological age.
After the examination, the program calculates the main risks of the disease, and issues recommendations on the diet and the level of motor activity.

Areas of application of ARM "Medskaner Wellness".
1.Ozdorovitelnye institutions
2.Canatorios, rehabilitation centers, swimming pools, etc. - to develop an individual rehab program or reduce overweight.

3.Fitness centers.
Fitness centers, gyms and sports teams to select the optimal type and training mode.

Checking the health status of people in different labor collectives (drivers, servicemen, pilots, etc.). To assess their ability to work

5. Home.
At home, to check health, to calculate individual diets and loads, to control the therapy performed

Features of the complex.
-fast and reliable assessment of the physical condition, trenirovannosti, degree of overwork, the level of stress, reserve capacity of the body;
-Monitoring the health status, detecting violations in various organs, even in the early stages, to the emergence of obvious signs of the disease;
- Selection of individual measures for therapy, rehabilitation or training with continuous monitoring of their conduct and timely correction of the determination of causes of excess body weight, the choice of program to reduce it; assessment of the adequacy of diet and exercise, calculation of individual physical activity.

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