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Great gift - cell phone case with photo

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Great gift - cell phone case with photo

You can choose the case material (this will not affect the price):

a) silicone
b) 2D plastic
c) 3D plastic
+ We can send you a picture from your case so that you can put it on the screen saver on your smartphone.
+ Possible to make a cover with your picture.
+ There is the possibility of making a personalized cover - a great gift to a loved one.

We send across Ukraine by New mail. No pickup.
For wholesale buyers from 2pcs - free shipping.

Forms of payment:
a) cash on delivery
b) full prepayment on the card for the goods, and for delivery - in the post office (this way you save on the cost of shipping cash on delivery).

The order is formed and prepared for shipment 1-2 business days, or faster. The package is in 1-3 business days.

Return / exchange is possible on condition of re-transfer or manufacturing marriage. Therefore, please check the package immediately at the New Mail office upon receipt.
In the case of a marriage / re-port shipping costs for the replacement of goods with a similar or the same is made at the expense of our company.

For a quick order, write in the message:
1) Full name of the parcel recipient
2) the phone number of the recipient of the parcel
3) the city of dispatch and the number of the branch

Price: 199.00 UAH
State: New
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Price: 199.00 UAH
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