Matrix OGM 1.5 OGM 0.8
Matrix OGM 1.5 OGM 0.8

Matrix OGM 1.5 OGM 0.8

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Added: April 24, 2019 1:57 pm

Matrix OGM 1.5 OGM 0.8

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1800.00 EUR
1800.00 EUR

All the necessary parts for granulators OGM you can order from us.

Matrix OGM-1,5 - 2 400 EURO (d-8 mm.) - available.
Matrix OGM-1,5 - 2 500 EURO (d-6 mm.) - available.
Matrix OGM-0,8 - from 1800 EURO (d-6 mm.), (D-8 mm.) - available.

The diameters of the holes of the matrix from 2 mm to 14 mm. - upon request.

The dies are made from special stainless chrome-alloyed steel. In the course of production, modern technologies and vacuum hardening of steel are used, as a result of which parts have a long service life.

Operational shipments by any carrier.

We are a manufacturer of granulation lines, granulators OGM-1.5 and OGM-0.8 and related equipment for the raw material section of the granulation line.

We provide production with an uninterrupted supply of wearing parts (dies, shells and other press mechanics of our own production) for OGM granulators (OGM-1.5; OGM-0.8), DHA (B6-DHA), GT (GT-420, GT- 500, GT-520) and others (Kahl, Munch, Matador, CPM, GT, DHA, Buhler, Granit, La Meccanica, Nova Pellet, Giuliani, Mabrik, Muyang, Paladin, Promill, Salmatec, Stolz, Van Aarsen).
We carry out restoration both ring and flat matrixes to various granulators.

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