LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash 1.5L Cool Mint

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LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash 1.5L Cool Mint

Listerine is the most common and most studied oral hygiene means of those offered by the market. On the global market listerine received a quality mark from the Preventive Dentistry Board of American Dental Association.

Indications: listerine promotes thorough washing away of food debris from the most difficult areas, such as openings between the teeth, cavities under the dentures, including crowns. Listerine washes even the most "sticky" pollution, such as food like halva that you have eaten forgetting about an appointment in a couple of minutes. Listerine not only washes away food debris from under the crowns and dentures, preventing the decay of these residues and inflammation of gums and pulp - listerine does much more. If there is inflammation, regular rinsing with listerine frees you from pain, reduces swelling and in a couple of days you will be completely free from problems. Listerine neutralizes bad smell from the mouth (eg after eating spicy food, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.) and, of course, listerine cares about the whiteness of your teeth. Listerine has enough components to gradually, safely and carefully make your teeth healthier and your smile - more dazzling. If you rinse your mouth cavity with listerine before the medical treatment process, the number of viable bacteria in saliva and mouth will drop significantly.

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